Sovereign Music Movement carries on the business and profession of commercial and underground production and issuance of hip hop literature, art, culture, poetry and music (P.R.I.S.M.), Poetic Rhythmic Israelite/Intellectual Spiritual Music, along with a variety of other creative artistic products and services. We are here to empower and enthrone sovereign artists to become beacons of peace, order, good government and communal welfare to their families, communities and world. We provide artisanal hip hop experiences creating universal expressions of freedom and sovereignty. Sovereign Music Movements working definition of poetry and music serves as follows :



                          Poetry is a systemized statement and expression that is used as a device for the preparation of ideas of persons and groups. Poetry is a tool that is used to express fundamental truths and principles for the basis of negotiation and action. Poetry is the means by which cultures subcultures societies etc. are directed toward a common center and focus. Poetry is a way of gathering individuals into one body mass or force to concentrate their powers efforts and attentions on a specific objective. Poetry is the art and science that empower one to form mental images of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceive in reality. Poetry gives persons or groups the ability to confront and deal with a problem. Poetry is when a person is able to devise different ways to attain a goal. Poetry is a creation of the mind. Poetry is when you become watchful of your environment and surroundings. Poetry is when you become aware of the elements that influence the conditions of society. It is also the conscious understanding of past, present and future events of a community, nation, and mankind in general.

                          Poetry is a system which enables persons to communicate through signs, sounds and gestures. Poetry is the physical and mental influence of thoughts and ideas. Poetry is used by those who have been selected and marked by special privilege. It is those who have been given divine permission to communicate poetically. Poetry is used to bring people into total agreement, ridding all impurities enabling them to settle and live together harmoniously. Poetry gives one the power and authority to make new thoughts and ideas Manifest. Poetry is to produce and bring about a specific action and behavior through the manufacturing of CDs, books, videos, food, clothing,etc. Poetry is the psychic and physical reaction subjectively experienced as strong feeling and physiologically involving changes that prepare the body for immediate vigorous action. Poetry is the reply and reaction to truths and fallacies occurring within societies in the earth. It is the response and reaction of the people through verse, phrase, and words sung regarding the present authority and rule. Poetry is a pure intention and aim of one's actions through the use of words, signs, and symbols. It is the significant quality and mental state that implicates hidden and special importance. Poetry is the inherent rhythm that controls the evolution of peoples in the earth. Poetry is life!



                          Music is a science! It is a state of knowing! It is being knowledgeable as opposed to willful ignorance or misunderstanding. Music is a skill that is acquired by experience, study, and observation. Music is the conscious use of scale and creative imagination. Music is when you use this knowledge to develop a skillful plan to achieve a specific result. Music is when persons or group of persons belonging to and whom constitute the pure essence of specific times, events, and situations unite in efforts to achieve one goal, purpose, and effect. Music is the unification of fraternal an sororal societies under one spiritual rule in which its members take a solemn vow and oath. Music is also the style and manner in which these societies express themselves in writing and speech. Music is when a healthy body as an individual or group has the moral right to become active in the use of their full mental strength, force, and power to free oneself and the whole from any and all oppressive restraints. Music is the greatest influence in personal characters, qualities, and trends. It is a controlling factor in a persons mind, frame, or mood.

                          Music is a means in which truths or fallacies are proclaimed and made known to the general public. Music is the use of many different styles to transmit these true or false claims to specific individuals, groups, and areas. Music is the medium in which the creator investigates the possibilities of his or her influence over the listener.  It is also the medium in which the listener investigates the possibilities of the ideas presented by the Creator. Music is a tool in which persons and groups claim dignities and titles in efforts to acquire a throne. It is also a tool in which those same persons or groups influence other persons or groups to follow in their footsteps in hopes to reach the same status or position. Music is a result and product of combined elements to yield a specific effect. It is the power used by alliances of individuals, corporations, states, and provinces; United to achieve a social, political, economic, educational, and spiritual end.

                          Music is the chronological equation in which the sum equals the present conditions of earthly life. The constant adding of new variables to this equation can cause harmonic relationships. Music is when ideas and thoughts are brought into existence through intellectual, spiritual, and physical effort. Music is when one united group composed of different individuals having different mental, spiritual, and physical characteristics retain personal identities while contributing desirable properties to the whole in mutual agreement. Music is an entity composed of many different parts that serve as a complex and systematic whole, that operates with an uninterrupted connection and union. Music is life, and we are the Sovereign Music Movement!