May 7, 2009


The ARTISTIC SEE professes and teaches that in the book of Genesis (Gen.1:1)  The Architect of the Universe established the original creation of human governance, moral sustainability, and sustenance. With the creation of heaven; the visible arch in which clouds move; as well as to the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve, humankind was given the unique nature personified in the phenomenon of human expression. This universal air of human life allows THE ARTISTIC SEE to understand that human being articulated through intelligent communication is ART, thus human beings engaged in decisions that define expectations, grant powers, or verify performance; develop kinetic sustainability and nourishment as ART{IST}. Throughout the course of human existence distinct ART{IST} have been created for the purpose of evolving humanity, consequently assuming honorable positions within Communities.

In exercising ARTISTIC FREEDOM, We THE ARTISTIC SEE, as SOVEREIGN ART{IST} hereby reestablish heaven above the SOVEREIGN MUSIC MOVEMENT with these twelve articles.

Article I
(Genesis 2:1)

We declare, Sovereign Art, as the will of Human Beings to experience life on Earth in Divine Creation. This Art provides a way to know Self, in relation to the Universe, Beyond The Natural.

Article II
(Genesis 3:9-10)

We declare, the Human Being as the Supreme manifestation of Art. As SOVEREIGN ART{IST} in complete alignment with the will of our Creator we shall no longer be afraid of the Universal Architect’s voice. We are no longer naked, as those now enjoying the protection of Peace, Order, Good Government, and Welfare, visible through moral expressions of communal love, which is the fulfillment of all law. Thus, under protection of NATURAL LAW we no longer hide behind imposed or false titles of identity, but rather invoke our NATURAL RIGHT to live supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural!

Article III
(Genesis 3:24)

We declare, that the presently recognized Rule of Law, as perceived by the families whom have carved out for themselves, positions of status and influence within, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-American, White Masonic, White Fraternal, and or any other forms of dissonant government; incapacitated as to the origins, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of past, present, or future Life And Light on Earth.  As a result, we hereby exercise our freedom of conscious and religion, professing to be angels, assuming our artistic duty to drive out the Carnal Knowledge of Man, keeping our jurisdiction of heaven peculiarly styled as the SOVEREIGN MUSIC MOVEMENT; which is the original creation of human governance, moral sustainability, and sustenance.

Article IV

We declare, that ART{IST} have had a great number of different functions throughout the history of civilizations, making our purpose difficult to abstract or quantify to any single concept. This in no way implies that our purpose is “vague”, but that it is distinctly unique, and different in its reasons for being created.

Article V

The NATURAL WILL of ART{IST}, is that which is essential to Human Being, transcends the individual, and fulfills specific internal and external functions. Imitation, is one instinct of our NATURE. Consequently, our form of creativity is something we must do by our very NATURE, and is therefore beyond utility. 

Article VI

ART{IST} express the mind's eye in ways that are not tied to the formality of spoken or written language of foreign legislatures. Therefore, we provide a range of forms, symbols, and thoughts with meanings that are malleable in our articulation of true peace, order, good government, and communal welfare.

Article VII

Section A

ART{IST} serve as Universal communication, in which knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of highly complex phenomenon are expressed toward the Earth as a whole. 

Section B

ART{IST} create simple forms of communication with the intent and goal of directing individuals into a motivated shared purpose. This communication influences individual emotions, moods, and feelings to convey comments on specific aspects of society in efforts to bring about Political, Educational, Economic, Social, and Spiritual evolution.

Article VIII

ART{IST} at times create entertainment for the particular purpose of rest and relaxation. ART{IST}often serve this function as catalyst for moral industry.

Article IX

ART{IST} contain healing properties and serve as Antidotes for psychological illnesses. Thus, we exercise our full Right to contribute help to the worlds sick.

Article X

ART{IST} who demonstrably practice styles prevalent within urban industrialized street environments, like that of Hip Hop culture, publicly avow deep sentiments of compassion and concern for the well-being of the earths most violently afflicted.

Article XI

ART{IST} function as ritualistic and religious symbols of culture. Thus, our distinct rituals, performances, dances, decorative fashion, and decorative styles emanate the eternal flavor’s and fashion’s of the Universe.

Article XII

ART{IST} are used as human agents, that subtlety influence viewers, into a psychological response toward a particular consciousness, idea or purpose of the Universe.

The Agreement of the Gathering of THE ARTISTIC SEE, shall be plenty for the Establishment of SOVEREIGN MUSIC MOVEMENT, with its constitution so passing the Same. 

Enacted by Commission of the Axiological ART{IST} present the 7th Day of May in the Solar Year of the ARCHITECT of the UNIVERSE six thousand and twelve and of the SOVEREIGNTY of THE ARTISTIC SEE the Harvest. In Witness whereof, We have hereunto subscribed our Names.