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ProTools Calls of Zion



  1. Basic Doctrine
  2. Method Of Conquest
  3. Take Over Technique
  4. World Wide War
  5. Re-Education (Preparation For The Power)
  6. Control Of The Press
  7. Distractions
  8. Brainwashing
  9. Strike-O-Pose
  10. Rulers And The People
  11. Power Of Gold
  12. Qualities Of A Ruler


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Additional Info

Album Title: Protools Calls of Zion

Written and Produced by: California Ghost King

Back-up Vocals by: B-Love and ElyWitsGold

Featuring: Cali Angel Eyes, ElyWitsGold, and Odd Man Black –Track 11

Engineered by: Hugo Roberge

Music by: BeatAHoe

Recorded: Makeway Studios, Montreal, QC

Mastered by: Elysian Masters, Dave Cooley, Los Angeles California

Copyright: 2016

Brief Description: Written to be a diplomatic call for the hip-hop community and the world, presenting a new set of rules, These rules consist of artists being held accountable for their works. An approach to the hip-hop world through the five point power structure of P.E.E.S.S. This album is a declaration of identity with the intent of gaining prosperity and security. It is a W.A.R. (Wrong Against Right) call. This album is a declaration of WAR on all destructive agents in hip-hop.

The Sound is true school rap and classic underground.

The Mood is provocative, radical, philosophical, exciting, rEvolutionary, phenomenal, spiritual focused music without being gospel (i.e. killah Priest, Wu Tang Clan, Doug E. Fresh, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Run the Jewels), street intelligent (i.e. Sons of Mischief)

The Idea is trendy, fashionable, and glamorous like the fame of David and Solomon not the recognized fame of the modern superstar. It is a creative articulation of a conscious resurrection of an authentic royal that has suffered the death and burial of the black people of America. An artistic expression, communicating the process of moving oneself from under rule to a rightful position of rule. This project is encrypted with catch phrases, passwords and challenges. It’s a story of condemnation and redemption.